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Wake’n Bacon November 2, 2008

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Now that I’ve tacked the word bacon onto the blog title, it seems appropriate to kick things off with a little blurb about a clock that wakes you to the smell of bacon cooking in the morning.

This one has been kicking around the blagosphere for some time now, but it’s bacon. And it’s a great departure from the more annoying alarm clocks that seem to get so much attention. I will never understand wanting to own and use something that makes you chase it around the room to turn it off. Or, a clock that crows like a rooster or clucks or makes other incredibly annoying sounds. But one that cooks your breakfast so you wake to the smell of bacon? Hell yeah.

Sadly, it’s just a concept from a rather ingenious aspiring industrial designer, Matty Sallin. Another of his concepts, the Presence picture frame is a lot closer to being realized. The frame senses the presence of people in the room and displays their images in greeting. Thanks to RFID, this little trick isn’t so far fetched. See it in action at Disney’s new Dream Home attraction. In this Disney conceived world, each family member carries (or is tagged with) an RFID chip. Digital photo frames sense these chips and display the bearers favorite photos when they enter a room.

A little creepy yes, but totally possible.


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