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DTV Transition Troubles? December 6, 2008

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Grant Clauser over at E-Gear, has an illuminating blog post detailing his stint fielding questions about the DTV transition. People are  confused, unprepared and even angry about the end of analog signals, and given the current economic mess, I can’t help but wonder if that signal might just stick around a little bit longer.

Is it reasonable to expect people to worry about receiving TV signals when they are already worried about losing their jobs and homes? About feeding themselves and their families? Is it reasonable to expect them to pay for a converter box, new TV or upgraded service as they watch retirement funds and property value disappear? And can the government really subsidize this, after all where does digital TV rank after banks, auto manufacturers and bankrupt city governments?

Probably not. A delay in turning off the analog signal isn’t so far fetched.

The broadcasters who never wanted this transition in the first place will likely dance a little jig. TV manufacturers will sigh and retailers will have to come up with new promotional angles.

Three months to go.


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