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Contradiction in Technology December 11, 2008

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I have a love hate relationship with the blog Apartment Therapy. Love, love, love the original sites about design and I often turn to them for inspiration. But the tech blog, Unplugged? Not so much.

While the parent site was founded by a designer with a very specific purpose — “Helping people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community online” — its sister site is decidedly unfocused.

Run by bloggers that mostly have no legacy in the consumer electronics industry, Unplugged disseminates press releases, repeats posts from other sites without checking facts, and on occassion completely misrepresents things. But mostly, it contradicts itself so much that I want to reach out and slap it silly. Except that it’s a Web site and virtual and entirely out of reach that way.

For all the misinformation and blog posts about conceptual products culled from industrial design websites, Unplugged does one think in particular that makes me nuts. It tries to be green by encouraging readers to reduce energy use while promoting the use or purchase of products that draw power simply for decorative purposes. Home offices with multiple LCD monitors, about a zillion different alarm clocks and LED wallpaper. That’s right, wallpaper that lights up.  Super cool to look at but come on, LED may be a more energy efficient light source but not when it’s used instead of NO lighting at all.


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