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Blogging Points December 19, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — lfheller @ 1:20 pm

Okay, so this has little to do with technology but everything to do with my previous points and criticisms on blogging. The Huffington Post mostly doesn’t pay bloggers and has the nerve to outright swipe content from other blogs. The HUFFINGTON POST, run by bazillionaire Ariana Huffington. Kudos to Whet Moser of the Chicago Reader for taking her to task on this. Moser is one of the funniest, insightful and on target bloggers I’ve ever come across. One who doesn’t forget to be a journalist.

It’s one thing to link to another’s content, that helps everyone. It’s quite another to take it and post it in entirity.

And as I’ve pointed out, it’s also a no no to simply disseminate press releases as gospel or make assumptions without the proper information or perspective. There will be non of that here.


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