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A Good Year, A Green Year December 30, 2008

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Okay, this is a play on an old camp song but it fits. One of the best things about 2008 in consumer electronics is the trend toward green — lower power consumption, more Eco friendly materials and a greater interest in recycling and a product’s end of life.

Hopefully 2009 will lead to less marketing and more solid initiatives. It’s great to talk about power settings on new TVs, but let’s also educate consumers about how to utilize settings on both new and existing TVs, and how to calibrate flat panel displays for improved performance. How about companies being more upfront with production issues that contribute to total carbon footprints? And more than anything, it needs to be easier for consumers to dispose of old electronics. Recycling varies by state, pending initiatives are all over the place and there’s no cohesive initiative for the industry to take more responsibility here.

That’s right, electronics manufacturers are not taking the lead on end of life issues. Product drop off, collection, disposal and recycling is left up to consumers. In 2009, here’s to CE companies taking responsibility for the product they put out into the world.


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