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Welcome 2009 January 11, 2009

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There’s a tumultuous year ahead, one people are so wary of it’s as though we’ve collectively decided to stay in the past. For those of us who cover technology, the annual Consumer Electronics Show sets the tone for the year and currently it’s one of not just caution, but outright fear.

CES ’09 didn’t just lack any new great product or technology introductions, but manufacturers talked up last year’s products and achievements, showcased prototypes not any where near ready for release, and even refused to set shipping dates and pricing. The CE industry, like the American economy, is in limbo.

Tech Bacon’s focus, until now ill defined, is no more. This blog will explore the ways in which technology can work for us. How it makes our lives better, more efficient, easier or just plain more enjoyable. It’s not about technology for technology’s sake. That’s well trod territory and best left to the endgadget’s and ubergizmo’s of the blogosphere.

It’s not about the inner workings, the protocols, the chips or the moving parts. The specs and the feature sets are only relevant as they pertain to how all these gizmos interact with people. It’s about what technology does for us, how we can happily incorporate it into our lives. Tech that works for us, not tech that we have to work around. Tech that makes everything a little bit better, like bacon.

Welcome to TechBacon.


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