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The Joy of Listening January 13, 2009

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Among the noise and chaos that is the Consumer Electronics Show, there is an oasis of calm and serenity. A place that actually allows for one of the greatest pleasures technology can provide: pure, clean, beautiful sound.

The world may have been focused on the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center, trying to find the newest, slickest, hottest, sexiest gadget money can not yet buy. But away from the din in the nearby Venetian hotel, high-end audio companies provide an experience so serene; it’s hard to believe the two groups are even related.

It was a real treat to spend my final moments at CES in the Thiel listening rooms. First, there is Zöet, Thiel’s multi-room wireless music distribution system that delivers lossless audio through the company’s extraordinary speakers. Zöet is a purist’s solution to a modern lifestyle, one where music comes from multiple sources in a variety of formats and is listened to while on the move. Because we’re always on the move, even in our own homes.

If that wasn’t wonderful enough, Thiel president Kathy Gornik said: “Take Laura in that room and blow her mind.”

I was treated to the music of my choice (Tom Waits and Nick Cave), channeled through a pair of special edition Thiel speakers – the CS2.4SE and two SS2 subwoofers. And so, I concluded a grueling CES leaning back in a chair, bathed in sound. The joy of audio, indeed.


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