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Smoke and Mirrors January 17, 2009

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In a down economy, Americans get nostalgic for what we’ve collectively idealized as a kinder gentler time: the 1950s. And the electronics industry is no different. As one tenured member of the press joked on media day at CES, when there’s nothing else to talk about, trot out 3D.

That’s right, the TV makers are busily singing the praises of that retro fad. Talking up the benefits of sitting in one’s own living room, wearing funny glasses and living large with 3D entertainment. And the national media ate this up, promoting 3D as the latest and greatest from CES 09, with virtually no real analysis or concept of reality.

I don’t care if every major movie studio has a 3D film in the works, and they reportedly do. Imax theaters have been around forever and there are no clamoring hordes to drive expansion of that viewing experience. And regardless, the technology is nowhere near ready for a true consumer product. It’s just smoke and mirrors, as electronics manufacturers ride out a down economy and try to market brands with no real product advancements.


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