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TV or Computer? February 2, 2009

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There’s a great discussion going on over at Apartment Therapy, a thread debating the merits of chucking the TV and simply streaming content to a laptop or monitor.

It’s totally doable and seems to be the favored choice of AT readers, but there are some solid reasons to keep the TV, from a purely technical perspective.

  • Constant use creates a lot of wear and tear on the computer. Spinning hard drives, heat, battery drain. All of these will decrease the life of a computer, especially a notebook computer. Consider the average life of a computer is three years while TVs will last for 10  years or more. Which one is the better value?
  • Screen size matters. Scenes are more richly realized and eye strain dramatically reduced by watching on a larger surface. You don’t have to be old to appreciate the eye strain part, anyone who puts in long hours on a computer knows the burn of focusing too hard.
  • Watching TV is more fun as a shared, social event. Gathering around a computer just doesn’t have the same vibe.
  • And what about sound? Seriously. Doesn’t anyone consider audio to be an integral part of the viewing experience?

2 Responses to “TV or Computer?”

  1. Grant Says:

    trade in my 56-inch TV for an 18-inch laptop? why is this even a debate?

  2. lfheller Says:

    I know, right? But people on design blogs are very passionate about it. There’s also more than a hint of self righteousness, the “I don’t own a TV” mindset.

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