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Bacon Bacon Everywhere February 6, 2009

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It’s been a week of more bacon than tech, but there seems to something happening, sociologically speaking. I can’t turn around without a new bacon bit, pun intended. Yesterday, the most intellectual person I know sent an email that when opened turned my 24-inch monitor into an enormous perfectly crisped piece of bacon.

It’s not enough to just enjoy the bacon blitz. Oh no, there must be some kind of deep meaning to it. Is winter and our craving for fatty foods? The economic doom and gloom that has us yearning for simpler times when food like bacon wasn’t vilified? A craving for comfort foods? A combination of all these things, I suspect.

So what’s the technological equivalent of bacon? The TV? Not quite so warm and fuzzy as a piece of bacon. Video games seem to be recession proof, sales are actually up and game software is outselling prerecorded DVDs and Blu-ray discs combined. Game nights and Wii parties are popular, what with no one having any money to go out. No word yet if bacon is being served…..


2 Responses to “Bacon Bacon Everywhere”

  1. Thats an all ’round amazing blog post…

  2. Yoga Says:

    That was a frankly fun writing!!!

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