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Tech Love February 19, 2009

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People just assume tech editors, reporters and reviewers always have the latest gadgets and homes tricked out with the best gear. You know what they say about people who “assume…”

Until a few years ago, I had a 19 inch, 15 year old TV with rabbit ears from RadioShack. And if a friend hadn’t gifted me a flat panel HDTV, that old Panasonic would still be in the living room.

While other tech writers may not be quite so extreme, we all share a healthy skepticism of new technology. (That’s why the Onion’s video bit about a new product release last week was so howlingly funny. Everyone wishes they’d written it.) So when a jaded group of people like a product, it’s worth taking note, and this week the new Kindle came out. Yes, it’s expensive at $359, but the fact that the first model sold out at the same price and pre-orders are reportedly strong for Kindle 2 in this soft retail market screams viability. Clearly the Kindle is selling something people want.

And here’s how you know electronic readers are the future, copyright issues are being raised and the debate over digital downloading and rights has begun in earnest. Here we go again…


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