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Unexpected Adoration February 20, 2009

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Now that I’ve admitted to using an ancient TV with rabbit ears, there’s really nothing to lose in this: I love Kodak cameras.

It’s true.

Admittedly, both the models I own and use were given to me by the company. One, the Kodak DX 7590 for use at a photography course in Sante Fe also sponsored by Kodak. And the other, the V570 Dual Lens camera at a press event for the product’s release. This last camera is still a favorite, three years later. The two lenses, one a wide range and one for closer shots seemlessly switch between the two. Panoramic shots are stitched together in seconds and the optical zoom is internal to the camera, keeping it compact and light weight.
It’s always difficult for people to believe, this affection for a camera made by Kodak. I recently discovered it was shared by a well regarded photo industry insider, who recently showed me how surprisingly nice another new Kodak product is, the Zx1 and Zi6 Digital Video Cameras. The footage I’ve seen was vivid and clean. More so even than some of the other, hipper, pocket camcorders.

That dual lens camera never caught on with consumers and it’s possible Kodak never really gave it a chance. I think people really missed out on a fun and functional product. May the video cameras not meet the same fate.



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