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Feel Good Food For Thought February 25, 2009

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It’s not often a press release catches my eye, but this one sure did where an electronics association claims to examine “The Role Consumer Electronics Plays in Benefiting Humanity.”

It’s a bold statement, but interesting premise. Everyone is talking about the role of the electronics industry in the environmental movement, but why not go really big and talk about its role aiding the entire human race?

While it’s tempting to make light of the promotional angle the basic premise is pretty sound. Instead of viewing technology as toys, disposable gadgets or time sucking devices, why not recognize and celebrate how it makes our lives not just more enjoyable but better?

The IEEE identifies healthcare, education and public safety as the big three, but goes out on a limb and mentions future initiatives in automotive electronics, home monitoring and remote controls, new energy sources and reduction technology, and even future trends in gaming. There’s even a newly established Humatarian Fund to go along with the concept, “to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.”

Feel good food for thought.


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