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Robotic Strippers, of course March 2, 2009

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Since “adult” applications have driven the adoption of our most successful new consumer technology (VHS, DVD), so it’s hardly surprising that robotics is getting a boost from stripping.

Embedded video from CNN Video

Forget about robots that will clean, cook or do laundry. It's the ones who will gyrate against stripper poles that might actually gain mass market appeal. After all, look at what porn did for prerecorded video and multiple camera angles did to spur DVD adoption. A means to an end.


2 Responses to “Robotic Strippers, of course”

  1. Jeff Joseph Says:

    I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe, with “uh, so where can i get one of those???”

  2. Grant Says:

    jeeze, what took so long. Do they look like the robots in Disney world’s Pirates ride? I hope not.

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