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E-Cigarette March 4, 2009

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Tired of the patch, gum or prescription smoking cessation aids? Looking to get around virulent anti-smoking legislation? Or, are you one of those people always eager to try something new? Smokeless cigarettes have reached the U.S., but whether it’s a good thing is debatable.

Housed in a hard cylinder, the “cigarette” body is made up of three parts: a nicotine cartridge, an atomization chamber, a smart chip with a lithium battery, according to its maker Smoking Everywhere. No ash, no smell, no being made a social pariah. Also, not much pay off.

See, you’re not actually inhaling smoke but rather vaporized nicotine. It’s a lot like breathing in air, not very special or rewarding. At least in my experience (yes, I just had to try it at a bar in Zurich). But now E-cigarette’s available at Saw Grass Mills Mall in Sunrise, Florida (cause nothings says family fun like a new way to smoke), or online. Not that I’m encouraging this, mind you.


4 Responses to “E-Cigarette”

  1. Ugord Burman Says:

    Yes, the electronic cigarette is a great alternative to real tobacco smoking.

  2. hypnosis Says:

    Fascinating piece of content. Have been do you got the whole strategies and information from…

  3. Do these electronic cigarettes really feel like the real thing? I watched a video at this website but don’t know what to think. Are there any real smokers out there that aren’t promoting a product that can tell me what you really think?

  4. Gayle Poland Says:

    For any individual who has smoked their entire life-time, like me, I am certain that you would love to quit, just like I would. Even So, for years individuals(most of them non-smokers I’m certain) kept telling us how easy it was. Unfortunately almost all of them never had the bona fide experience to understand that it wasn’t really that effortless. Now, however, advances in cessation technology have presented new options that do appear to aid in the process. Many are finding smokeless cigarette products to be a good way of transitioning between being a smoker and being a non smoker. My advice to you, founded on my own personalized experience is to take the time to make the decision which is right for you. It is better to take more time and succeed once than to charge into something and fail multiple times. The web is filled with tremendous educational resources(like this blog) to help you along the way, take advantage of it.

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