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Kindle = Book Death March 12, 2009

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Ah the irony, with distressed bibliophiles already eulogizing the bound book, to see a post on Apartment Therapy about this gorgeous book about, you guessed it, books. Specifically, it’s a collection of evocative images by photographer Candida Höfer of the world’s most beautiful libraries and reading rooms.

It’s not a new release but the mention is certainly timely now that the Kindle 2 is all but killing off books as we know then two weeks after its release. If you like the Höfer’s book (with an eloquent introduction written by Umberto Eco), check out “Decorating With Books” from House Beautiful.

If that weren’t enough, AT followed it up with a glimpse of Parisian pastry chef Pierre Hermé’s book filled Parisian abode. I wonder how resilient the Kindle is. Can it withstand crumbs, coffee and finger smudges?

There are more images here, including some of Chef Selby’s macaroons, so pretty I’d like to decorate my apartment with them. And please note, should you choose any of these books on Amazon, there’s a nice notice just below the cover image inviting you to request the book be made available on Kindle. Do you think they recognize the irony?


One Response to “Kindle = Book Death”

  1. lfheller Says:

    I tried one in Europe several years ago and hated it. I was a smoker at the time (quit three years ago), and it was very unsatisfying. Much more of a novelty really.

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