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Netbook Lust March 19, 2009

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I’m generally opposed to writing about concepts. Why let something that doesn’t exist take up valuable time and space? But last night I had a dream about this concept: The Lenovo Pocket Yoga.

Maybe it’s because it looks like a handbag, and I regularly dream about purses (and shoes) I can’t afford to buy. But this is one concept that has infiltrated my subconscious. It’s a two-year old concept that Lenovo claims it has no intention of actually making, and for very good reason.

Netbooks are popping up all over. They’re great “wow” products. Dell and Sony have gotten loads of press on their little wonders. Doesn’t mean they will ever move beyond an early adopter crowd. First, they’re pricey and second, they are caught squarely in between two very useful products — notebook computers and smart phones.

But hey, it’s pretty nice to have something to dream about that’s not bankruptcy and breadlines.


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