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What’s the Fuss? March 31, 2009

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Can someone please explain the enthusiasm over this product, the Schlage LiNK System?


It’s a remote access door lock that runs on a wireless frequency. For all those times you want to open the door for someone when you’re not home or use a cell phone instead of a key. But how often is that really? And why oh why, would anyone make the act of unlocking the door MORE complicated?

Because at the demo I was given at CEDIA last year, the thing failed to work via Blackberry notification every time. And there were a lot of times. If simplicity and ease of use drive technology adoption, and they do, then why would a system so complicated be so celebrated? It’s been gushed about on the blogs and given awards. But why would you make getting into your home contingent on a wireless signal or worse yet, a cable provider?

Sure, there are potentially cool features. Temporary codes for household workers and visitors, remote access via any computer or web enabled device to let in deliveries or guests, and the ability to link to security cameras to monitor these visitors. It’s kind of nice to assign different codes to different family members, but borderline creepy to use a computer program to track the comings and goings of each one.

Maybe it’s like Apple’s Newton, a device released before its time and quickly retreating into obscurity before Palm came along and applied the right technology. But this lock is a puzzle without a key.


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