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Backing up the Back April 9, 2009

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I’ve been knocked out by a back issue and am struck by the relationships between technology, a healthy back and a well lived life. There are more places where these things intersect than I had imagined.

Of course there’s the obvious items like a good work chair. Mine is not good, nor stylish, both of which irk me to no end. If I had my choice, I’d spring for the newest, priciest item from Herman Miller. It’s $1,600, sigh. But even the typically dripping in sarcasm Gizmodo reviewers couldn’t say enough good things about it.

It’s actually replaced the Eames Aluminum Group Management Chair in white leather as my chair crush of the moment. Just a smidgen less expensive at around $1,200.

Still, it’s a bit out of reach. There’s always the McKenzie lumbar roll at $30.

Not so glamorous but neither is laying on the couch, moaning in pain for weeks on end….


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