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My Poor Ears! April 14, 2009

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Back problems and painkillers have me pretty much living on the couch these days. Too much TV may rot the brain but frankly it’s the volume fluctuations that have mine scrambled.

The differences in volume from channel to channel. The switching between Bad Boys II (for the 400th time) and The Gilmore Girls. Quite a shock to go from the quiet, witty banter of the latter to the explosions of the former. And don’t even start with the commercials.

These types of volume discrepencies are pretty common complaints, so it was a shock to find just two products on the market that promise a fix. The VR1 TV Volume Regulator and the Automatic TV Sound Regulator. Both have been available for quite a while. In the case of the former (under the Terk or now Audiovox name) years actually. Just hook the box to the TV and signal source and it regulates the modulations in volume, making commercials a little less offensive.

Now if only it muted screaming studio audiences, I might actually watch Oprah.


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