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Kindle = Book Death March 12, 2009

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Ah the irony, with distressed bibliophiles already eulogizing the bound book, to see a post on Apartment Therapy about this gorgeous book about, you guessed it, books. Specifically, it’s a collection of evocative images by photographer Candida Höfer of the world’s most beautiful libraries and reading rooms.

It’s not a new release but the mention is certainly timely now that the Kindle 2 is all but killing off books as we know then two weeks after its release. If you like the Höfer’s book (with an eloquent introduction written by Umberto Eco), check out “Decorating With Books” from House Beautiful.

If that weren’t enough, AT followed it up with a glimpse of Parisian pastry chef Pierre Hermé’s book filled Parisian abode. I wonder how resilient the Kindle is. Can it withstand crumbs, coffee and finger smudges?

There are more images here, including some of Chef Selby’s macaroons, so pretty I’d like to decorate my apartment with them. And please note, should you choose any of these books on Amazon, there’s a nice notice just below the cover image inviting you to request the book be made available on Kindle. Do you think they recognize the irony?


TV or Computer? February 2, 2009

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There’s a great discussion going on over at Apartment Therapy, a thread debating the merits of chucking the TV and simply streaming content to a laptop or monitor.

It’s totally doable and seems to be the favored choice of AT readers, but there are some solid reasons to keep the TV, from a purely technical perspective.

  • Constant use creates a lot of wear and tear on the computer. Spinning hard drives, heat, battery drain. All of these will decrease the life of a computer, especially a notebook computer. Consider the average life of a computer is three years while TVs will last for 10  years or more. Which one is the better value?
  • Screen size matters. Scenes are more richly realized and eye strain dramatically reduced by watching on a larger surface. You don’t have to be old to appreciate the eye strain part, anyone who puts in long hours on a computer knows the burn of focusing too hard.
  • Watching TV is more fun as a shared, social event. Gathering around a computer just doesn’t have the same vibe.
  • And what about sound? Seriously. Doesn’t anyone consider audio to be an integral part of the viewing experience?

And another…. August 28, 2008

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Crunchgear is at it again, posting more misinformation and dubbing something childish and glittery, “for the ladies.”

The gear in question? Sony earbuds with sparkly colorful casings. Saying they are designed for women is yet another fabrication of the blagosphere, since the product is for the Japanese market where men have been known to drive pink cars tricked out with Hello Kitty. Oh, and the company info is in Japanese.

Crunchgear doesn’t read Japanese. Instead it sources Impress, a tech watch site, then translates it to English using Yahoo. How accurate is all this? Well, the translation has a release date of 2006……

Even worse, the whole thing was picked up and reported as gospel on Apartment Therapy, complete with the condescending “for her.”