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E-Cigarette March 4, 2009

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Tired of the patch, gum or prescription smoking cessation aids? Looking to get around virulent anti-smoking legislation? Or, are you one of those people always eager to try something new? Smokeless cigarettes have reached the U.S., but whether it’s a good thing is debatable.

Housed in a hard cylinder, the “cigarette” body is made up of three parts: a nicotine cartridge, an atomization chamber, a smart chip with a lithium battery, according to its maker Smoking Everywhere. No ash, no smell, no being made a social pariah. Also, not much pay off.

See, you’re not actually inhaling smoke but rather vaporized nicotine. It’s a lot like breathing in air, not very special or rewarding. At least in my experience (yes, I just had to try it at a bar in Zurich). But now E-cigarette’s available at Saw Grass Mills Mall in Sunrise, Florida (cause nothings says family fun like a new way to smoke), or online. Not that I’m encouraging this, mind you.